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As a marketing ploy, I guess I can understand how it started. Although it does seem superficial.


I'm not an Ideal Home subscriber but thought I'd offer up some items for discussion.

I am however a subscriber to PCFormat. They stick a scantily clad girl on the front. It doesn't detract or factor in my choice of the magazine at all but they say it sells more copies.

Another thing PCFormat do though that gets around the magazine date/seasonal content issue is have a 13 issue cycle, with a separate Christmas special. Perhaps this would make sense for Ideal Home and not confuse us lesser beings. ;-)

Consider the following scenario:
PCFormat reviews a copy of a game. I know they get copies of games to review early, but this magazine takes pride in only reviewing fully released games (not pre-release/potentially incomplete). So you take a look at a game that was released in August. The review was written in August. Due to scheduling it gets sent to the printer and distributed in September, claiming to be Octobers edition! Does that sound like the magazine is cutting edge and ahead of it’s peers or behind the times?


what ever happened to Susan Rose?

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