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Those ornaments are so beautiful! And a bargain too. And not so festive that I'd feel a fool if I kept them up all year round. Great find, thanks!
Jane ~ Domestic Sluttery

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peacock haha


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Nicely done!

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I actually adore how you have laid out your website. Superb layout..and well maintained..

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I agree with Jane these are classic ornaments. Especially i love blue color things. Lovely dude...:)

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It’s really nice to find you here, this is the best reading I’ve done so far and I am going to send this to my friends and family.

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Great Ornaments....!!
I hope they are not killing the bird. for making the ornaments..
Preserve Wildlife...

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Be respectful by paying attention, listening carefully, and responding appropriately.

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Love the color. Well I hope that ther's no peacock that are harmed in this :)


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looking soooo lovely!! second stuff a little bit like a frozen snake!! cool!

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