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Haven't seen one of these before - very nice! Would make a great present


i had one of this tins Hovis long back i just put my things inside and kept it as a storage bin, but i dint really know that they were used in a bread factory......Thanx for your valuable info....

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This is what i been looking for.Because i am planning to put some plants near in my window,and i think its perfect!



I love these! Never come across them until now, but will definitely add them to my wishlist.

Amy xo


From time to time I try to detect the stuff like that, but all the time I have the metropcs ringtones and sometimes the free ringtones. Though at this time I eventually have what I demanded.

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Thats a serious tin I like it!


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I love these vintage tins and the have wonderful price

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Friendship is like earthenware: once broken, it can be mended; love is like a mirror: once broken, that ends it.Do you understand?

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Very pretty and retro - I'm getting into the retro scene quite a bit now, and these are fabulous!


I love vintage too. They are are stuff that my grannies reminded us that we have to take care of something because our grannies valued it as much as they valued us.

All the vintage that we treasured from my granny are kept properly.

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Using cake tins as planters is a great idea actually. Much cheaper than buying decorative pots and much nicer than plastic pots.

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