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can't believe i found this post... i spotted the retro paper on the right in an episode of corrie.. it features in bradley walshes house on a feature wall... I've wondered where they got it from (i want it for a bedroom wall)... they normally use a lot of ikea stuff on their sets..


Maryam in Marrakesh

Really like that one in the lower right. Still haven't been brave enough to try wallpaper yet but like it so much that I wrap presents with it.

michael ashdown

i am looking for choclate brown and duck egg blue wallpaper done by next in the winter directory pls can advise if you have this

karen pack

Please can you tell me where I can get last season's black and white damask wallpaper?
Thank you.


where can i get contemp velvety black damask wallpaper with light blue or mauve as the background for a reasonable price?

sarah robinson

Hi i was wondering if you have some of the stella wallpaper that was in the next directry.
If you havnt do you know were i can purchase some.
Many thanks sarah

Kay Ayre

I really want a sample of this season's Ice Mocha? Where can I get one from?

Can anyone help?

donna hunter

could anyone help i need 1 roll of last seasons next ice white wallpaper like the one featured here in blue please help as i need to finish my living room next all out.

i was wonderin if u have all next wallpaper available? i recntly seen a wallpaper i wanted & when i went on to purchase it there was a whole new range. please help. thank u

Mel Emslie

Do you know if it's possible to get last seasons Next wallpaper?

We're moving house and I'm desperate to get the same one I've just done our living room wall in.

It's a beige/taupe coloured background, with a large flower print - teal with a darker teal centre and burgundy berries in the very centre, and brown leaves / vines winding between them.

I'd be so delighted if you could tell me where I can get hold of any! Thank you


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